Quality of care


Quality of care is very important to us at Chapel House Dentistry, we have designed our practice with all our patients in mind, the elderly, disabled and wheelchairs users can access treatment rooms  and the fully equipped  toilet, a hearing loop is available and can be used  at the reception desk or in the surgeries.

All our surgeries are fully equipped with the latest dental equipment and technology, to make your dental treatment as comfortable as possible,

We have very high standards of cross infection control at Chapel House all our surgery staff follow strict procedures within the surgeries to ensure that your safety and well being are maintained, disposable covers are used on equipment and work surfaces where necessary for every patient, after every patient the covers are replaced and all equipment, work surfaces and the dental chair are cleaned and disinfected.

The risk to patients with latex allergies is low at Chapel House, we only use latex free gloves and dental equipment.

All of our reusable instruments are processed in our decontamination room which is separate from the clinical areas; where ever possible we use single use items and dispose of them after use.

We use mechanical washer/disinfectors to clean our instruments; the instruments are then inspected under a magnification lamp to check that they are thoroughly clean before being sterilised.  After sterilisation the instruments are sealed into special bags before being stored ready for use.

Our staff all receive regular training to ensure that your dental treatment is carried out in a safe, clean environment, we are all committed to making your visit for dental treatment as comfortable as possible.

We regularly audit all our systems and learn from the results.