We want to reassure all our patients that we have a high level of cross infection control and all the necessary PPE for your safety, and we look forward to seeing you all in practice.

We are ensuring our practice is safely managed, we have social distancing measures in place along with hand sanitising stations, and  have sourced a heightened level of protective personal equipment to use when we treat you (the images of hospital staff in full gowns, masks and visors in intensive care units will be similar for some procedures such as fillings, root canal treatments etc), we have allowed for fallow time between appointments as per the governments guidance after which the surgery will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure your safety.

We have also installed an air extraction system to our surgery, it will change the air 15 times  an hour, to make sure you are extra protected we have also installed a air purification system to run along side it, this unit filters the air through HEPA filters as well as killing bacteria and virus’s by ultra violet light.