We are still committed to providing dentistry at affordable prices, but rises in fuel, supplies and laboratory costs have effected our hourly rate, and therefore we have had to put our prices up this year. Our 6 monthly examination fee  stays the same as well as our Practice plan price, we have introduced a new patient initial examination price to cover the cost of the extended appointment.

New Patient examination Including scale & polish and x rays                           £70

Routine 6 monthly examination Inc simple s/p & x rays                                     £50.00

Under 5’s Child examinations free with paying adult/ Over 5to 13 year olds initial exam free with paying adult/ children’s fillings from £15 contact us for further,  details

Small x ray                                                                            £14.52

Large x ray                                                                           £30.25

Scale and Polish                                                                  £60.50

Diamond Air polish                                                               £42.35

Amalgam fillings                                                                  £84.70-108.90

White fillings                                                                       £96.8-121

Root Canal                                                                          £157.30-302.5

Extraction simple                                                                £78.65

crowns                                                                               £500.00-544

Bridges                                                                              £500.00-544 per unit

F/F dentures                                                                      £792.00

Partial dentures  £508.00  discount on second partial denture

Flexible dentures                                                        From    £660

Special offer for limited period: Whitening two arches for £150.00

20% Discount of the above prices with our Practice payment plan please contact the surgery for more information.