You will be  welcomed by our reception team who will complete necessary paperwork with you this will include a full medical history, so please bring with you details of any medication you may be taking.

What is a dental examination?

During a dental check-up appointment, your dentist will complete a thorough dental examination of the health of your gums, teeth and mouth and complete a full mouth cancer check to ensure your mouth is healthy. It’s also a chance for them to find any problems you might have.

Your dentist will discuss any treatment required in full and your options for completing the treatment, they will answer any questions you may have about your teeth and gums, You will be given with a full treatment plan and estimate to help you make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed.

Your dentist will be able to discuss with you the benefits of joining our practice plan, if you wish our receptionist can then help you fill in the application forms.

You should have regular check-ups and your dentist will advise you on how often this should be to best meet your individual needs. Your dentist will let you know during your appointment when you next need to come back.

What’s involved in an examination?

At every check-up, your dentist will:

  • Examine your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue.
  • Ask you questions about any problems or pain you’ve had since your last check-up.

Your dentist may also need to take X-rays of your mouth to check for any hidden problems such as decay and bone loss due to gum disease .

If you have a build-up of plaque, you will be booked in for a scale and polish.  Sometimes, hygiene treatments are carried out in the same appointment as your check-up.

Your dentist will also check for any signs of mouth cancer or other general diseases that can affect the mouth at each dental check-up. If any further problems are identified, your dentist will recommend the next steps to take.


Dental Hygiene


With more adult teeth being lost through gum disease rather than tooth decay, regular dental hygiene treatment is essential to keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Regular  scale and polishes combined with dental check-ups and looking after your teeth and gums at home will greatly improve the appearance of your teeth and your oral health.

Chapel House dentistry offers a range of hygiene services including scale and polish treatments, preventative fluoride applications, AIR-FLOW therapy.

What happens at a hygiene appointment?

We offer a professional teeth cleaning service, a process called scaling and polishing. During the appointment your dentist will carry out an initial dental hygiene examination. They will then:

  • Scale your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar build-up in those areas brushing cannot reach
  • Perform a clean and polish to remove any superficial stains on your teeth
  • Offer tailored advice on how to maintain good dental health and demonstrate techniques you can use at home these include brushing techniques and the correct use of dental tape and interdental brushes.

Your dentist will also provide advice about diet and preventing tooth decay. They can spot signs of gum disease and will refer you to a periodontist if they see anything that needs further treatment.

Protect against gum disease and tooth decay – visit your dentist regularly. They’ll give you a deep clean to keep on top of your oral hygiene.